This depiciton represents a confidential everyday aspect which Vermeer used to illustrate often in his works. It reminds of matching ‘Woman with the stone necklace’ or ‘A offspring Woman holding a waterpitcher’, fresh Vermeers works On this canvas we see a lady caught in a room, busy with her everyday task She is holding a bill in her amend hand. In the darkened room we see a large portrayal unsettled on wall, there is also a table.

Woman Holding a Balance

The window is covered partially by a curtain, although some embellish enters the room In the peak sight the depiciton has a cryptic atmosphere We do not see exactly what the women is weighting and most of the room is magic because of dearth of light, only womans clothing and hands are brightly lighten, as if the source wants us to concentrate on that share Light flows from a window, and washes across the wall, revealing a delineation of the Last Judgment. This painting behind her symbolizes the weighing of souls after they are past from this sett The sequential device on the canvas that catches priority is the mirror in sway of the women It is reflecting her actions, her choice between the paths that life offers her There are pearls and jewelry which could mean a extraordinary attractive point passing, but the gentlewoman is indecisive about it. She is trying to make up her mind if she wants a consecrated living or the material things which are represented by the pearls We can see that womans exterior is very still and has a serene spell as if telling us that she probably consign choose Gods trajectory in life, especially taking into consideration the threatening delineation overdue her Her eyes, although it may seem, are not looking at the balance, her gape is reasonably high inward to her thoughts and inner spirit. This amount again implies that the peeress turns her existence to a theological band Another symbolic meaning is carried by the adorn distribution on the picture For instance, the background picture is latent in the shadow, although dormant can be seen, meaning that while living relatives often do not consider the consequences of their lives, but nevertheless it does exist and it bequeath come in the end. It leads us to conclusion that while here the women is moulding this ridicule about sake and bad, having the opinion of the “end” in her mind, she is cerebral of undying matters and is only concerned with them, as the irradiate quota hints The term of the illustration itself, tells that the source suggests a balanced religious doctrine that is often exhibit in Vermeer’s work: the want to govern a balanced life Though Vermeer’s working methods remain a mystery to these days, it is pronounced that he constructed this composition with extreme care If we mentally design orthogonal lines through the womans finger from different sides of the painting, we commit spot that Vermeer remained devoted to his philosophical views and even the composition of the canvas backing it, as he keeps a finished tally between the sections of the picture I would like to return to the irradiate issues in this depiciton again as I assume it is one of the most celebrated elements which spot the major theme and axle of it I conjecture that irradiate not only system to draw attention to the hands, but further tells us that the women experiences some quality of hallowed enlightening, which gives her strengths and she feels Gods presence in her life. Probably that could explain her facial name which reminds of Virgin Mary Vermeer maintained thumping gentle over his paints, he worked effectively with both dense impasto and spare glazes, which consign a finishing shiny perceive to the colors and keep a better create on the viewer, for situation when the author wants to emphasize dramatic menacing or contrasting unsullied yellow or white The generate of chewed irradiate is achieved through soft modulation in whitewash handling. The overall concept of the illustration is twofold. Initially it is observed as a npromising delineation of a miserable countess drawn by all the shades and numerous darks spots on the canvas The true harmony and real appreciation comes afterwards, when small details are discovered. One can find that this painting is veritable masterpiece with multiple meanings and a entire life data unpunctual it Only the parent knows exactly what he meant when he portray wrote that canvas, but everyone looking at it can excerpt some widespread truths from it, such as sake vs bad, applicable vs spiritual, darkness and light, attractiveness and ugliness

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