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Creative Accessories for iPad Mini

Creative Accessories for iPad Mini

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Thefirst orbit sale of iPad mini has already finished For those users who havegotten the iPad mini obtain to choose accessories for their iPad mini We allknow that iPad mini is extremely different from the terminated iPad from the size andthickness, so the iPad mini needs its retain accessories

FreelanderWi10 Mobile Hard Disk:

The price of 16GB iPad mini is $329, and 32GB version is$429. It means that you deficiency to spend $100 for only 8G storage fracture It is notreasonable, is it? Yes, it must be not unworthy, because you can buy a 500GBhard disk with only $139.99. That is the Freelander Wi10 moving difficult disk

Recently, Freelander has released an worthy strenuous diskfor iPad mini. Except for the big 500GB storage space, it adopts creativedesign In the past, it needful a news queue to connect the hard disk with otherdevice, but now it is wireless, because it is applied with Wi-Fi technology Itcan aid 3-5 smart devices to use at the equivalent occasion It procedure that youriPhone and her iPad can share the information on Freelander Wi10 at the equivalent time.Moreover, it has an USB 3.0 port

How does the Freelander Wi10 works? As a new sort ofwireless ambulatory tiring disk, it is built in MTPS21KEc processor, whose frequencycan scale at 360MHZ, and it is matched up with a DDR32MB RAM Like the smartphone, Freelander moreover has built in a 3000mAh mammoth shelling inside, which cansupports at least 4-hour working time. In addition, it only weighs 259g, so itis as portable as an iPhone.

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Megix Ostrich Grain Style iPad Mini Cover:

As American recognized ornament brand, Megix has released several iPad cases that are integrations of graphic recognize and function And now, Megix has created a unique ostrich nibble practice circumstance for the iPad mini. It is made by top PU skin manually No debate it is from the handling endure or appearance, it is uncommonly alike to the authentic leather, and the distinct ostrich nibble ornament can add fresh procedure feature for it The pertinent inside this Megix ostrich morsel iPad mini occasion is used the superfine fiber, which can guard the iPad mini from scratching and striking the fingerprints on the iPad mini at the same time. It supports multi-angle adjustment, so it can meet users requirements on game and venture Like the iPad Smart Cover, it further supports friendly Smart Wake service When it is opened, the iPad mini is also woken, and when it is closed, the iPad mini consign be in land condition to recycle power. In addition, it can provide 6 different colors, pink, red, blue, black, white and yellow

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