Garnets for an Unusual Engagement Ring – Designers Love Them.

Surprisingly versatile, garnets make an weird mission ring. Designers are using them as a authentic option to other gemstones

Garnets for an Unusual Engagement Ring – Designers Love Them.

Garnets for an Unusual Engagement Ring - Designers Love Them.

Diamonds are generally the usual preference when you ask the lofty question, but for an strange mission ring, designers are looking towards alternatives and are using some surprising gems, such as garnets, with unique and sophisticated results


These beautiful stones are generally concept to be a deep glistening red. Their phrase comes from the Latin interval for nibble and conjures up the conviction of pomegranate seeds They are, however, found in a immense span of colours, making them a thumping modifiable gemstone In postscript to blue, garnets are found in green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, pink and brown The garnet is moreover absolutely lofty on the Mohs scale, scoring 7 to 7.5. This routine they are hard-wearing as well as beautiful If you are looking for an weird chore ring, designers like to undertaking with garnets, because in postscript to the versatility in flush and durability they can be worn every day they are furthermore relatively insensitive, meaning they are attainable to nick and work. They should, however, be safe from raucous knocks because they can shatter. Although having spoken that, they are thumping immune to scratches and chipping

Rich in meaning

Garnets are the birthstone for January, so they are perfect for people born in that month They do posses a lot of meaning attached to them as well. In folklore, they are notion to transact behalf luck and ward off evil, as well as mouldy nightmares They are further idea to have healing properties and to aid with misery and tiredness Symbolically, they represent courage, actuality and fidelity, manufacture them a sake preference for an job ring. There is a wanting legend of garnets as a prized gemstone which dates from the old Egyptians to even a legend of Noahs having a light encrusted with garnets on the ark.

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Green garnets

For an even further offbeat task ring, designers sometimes come across the incidential demantoid coarse garnet These stones are unusual and so order a higher fee than the easier to find red garnets Green garnets are found in Russia They were a favourite with Faberg who used them in his designs. What makes these garnets so desirable are the tiny horsetail inclusions that grant a vivid texture to the complete aficionado All garnets are brilliant, but the unprepared garnet surpasses even the diamond for brilliance The uncooked garnet is moreover found in Tanzania and Namibia, but they need the horsetail inclusion

The pure deal

Synthetic gemstones are used in trinkets because of the lanky fee and rarity of ordinary occurring stones such as rubies and sapphires. These can moreover be heat treated to alter their colour, and sometimes it is tiring to apprise if what you are buying is synthetic or standard A garnet, on the supplementary hand, is usually always 100% standard because they are intolerant to heat treatments and, as they are so possible to find, there is no spot in creation them synthetically

So, for an weird task ring, designers are turning more and additional to the garnet as a pure choice, because of the reach of colours, the flair of cutting them and their durability.