Increasing Problem Related to Insect After Flood

Certain insect problems enlarge dramatically after flooding, windstorms and other disasters, according to entomologists with the LSU AgCenter. “Homes are burden to kindle ant problems during and after flooding,” says LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr Dennis Ring, adding, “Fire ants often entrust float around in moisten and attach themselves to whatever is out of the water”

Increasing Problem Related to Insect After Flood

Increasing Problem Related to Insect After Flood

“As floodwaters recede, higher grounds may become heavily infested with fire ants,” Ring says If these infested areas are where kin cede be living or working, entomologists speak the areas can be treated with one of several baits either by spread treatment or by using about 1 tablespoon to 5 tablespoons per mound. They besides can be treated with a flood treatment consisting of 1 tablespoon of 75 percent Orthene per 1 gallon of soak or applying 1 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of the applicable per mound, the entomologists say

Another interrogation that can ensue flooding are sizeable groups of wasps found in yards and around plants, says LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr. Dale Pollet, who explains the wasps straw on grubs in the soil

“High moisten pushes these grubs closer to the smear surface, and they are fresh available to the wasps,” Pollet explains, adding, however, that the wasps he axiom during the state’s last bout of major flooding were Tiphiids, which do not sting. “Whether they would sting is a major concern for connections who see them in their yards, but they usually hover unbiased over the surface, fly rapidly and are extraordinary rarely experimental landing Other problems after flooding or storms moreover obtain been admitted to come from garbage flies, trials flies and smoky brown cockroaches

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“Sanitation and cleanup are eminent in preventing the flies,” Ring says “If such problems occur, spray railing surfaces with malathion or other household insecticides. In cookhouse areas, use breach sprays that contain pyrethrins to kill flying insects”

Smoky brown cockroaches usually live exterior and come inside to feed, according to entomologists

“However, during bulky rain, they may invade houses in larger numbers,” Pollet says “Applications of insecticides containing permethrin may be made to infested areas and around doorways, windows and so spread on the outside”

Most labeled household insecticides leave be effective rail the smoky browns, the entomologists say, adding, however, that you may privation to entitle a professional worry control operator for fresh offices in combating some of these pests

Carpenter ants besides bequeath frequently infest broken limbs and invade houses from infested trees after a storm These insects do not pasturage on wood but simply burrow in the wood In general, they are scavengers.

“Control of carpenter ants can be obtained by removing tree limbs and branches from roofs and production sure no limbs come in categorical collision with the house,” Ring says. “But if problems persist, it may be requisite to spray infested areas of the house with a 05 percent guide of malathion or use a bait”

In addition, the trunks of infested trees may require spraying to subdue the pests in the house, he says, adding that the ship 1 foot to 2 feet of the habitat further may oblige spraying if problems persist.

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